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RunLocal is in the Longmont/Niwot/Boulder, Colorado area.
We're Your Local Guide to Local Marketing and Web Design.

Google Maps Ranking

word of mouth marketing

This the quickest of quick wins, the lowest cost for the biggest return of any other advertising. 

The sooner you turn your Google Maps into a Revenue Stream, the better.

SMS & Email Outreach

Reactivate your past customers

Connect with your past customers using SMS text. Your prospects are also on their phones. 

Reach them there for coupons, offers, reminders, and reviews.

your prospects are searching.
are they finding YOU?

Quality SEO allows you to tap into the stream of people searching every day for services you offer.

Are you there?
Looking great and ready to respond?

are you converting the interested customers from your website?

Your website can be a HUGE part of your local marketing.

We understand the SEO tips and tricks that search engines love.
If you’re not converting people from being interested to being customers from your website, you can be!

And you’ll love it when your site starts bringing you new business.

Click here to see more actual small business websites in our portfolio.


View of Golden Ponds in Longmont CO by RunLocal Marketing

Our Services


We’ll get to know you well enough to identify your quick wins:

  • Missed social messages and phone calls
  • Past customers you could reactivate
  • Potential new customers who don’t find you

Small Businesses we've worked with:



I whole-heartedly endorse Valerie. I have worked with her from the original concept of my web design, through to the maintenance of my SEO and adwords campaigns. As a start-up with a tight budget, Valerie has been instrumental and invaluable in the launching of my brand.


- Erie, Colorado -



"Valerie with RunLocal Marketing is great to work with and can boost your businesses revenue by bringing you customers via SEO enhancement and marketing at every level: custom website design work as well as social media marketing! "


- Erie, Colorado -

website design

Website design specialists in Longmont. We do custom designs you will love.

we're in the front range of colorado

Longmont local SEO specialists

Our goal: Marketing With A Purpose

> We are here to save you time, reduce stress and bring you more business through rock solid SEO,
marketing-based web design,
and word-of-mouth referrals.

Are your potential customers FINDING you and REFERRING you?

Do you know WHERE your prospects are hanging out online?

Once you know where your prospects are, do you know HOW to build your business there?

Do you get exhausted, spread too thin, needing to be everywhere all at once?

Are your competitors doing it better than you?

Would you want to know what they’re doing that you’re not?

Then marketing-focused website design, SEO, word-of-mouth marketing are not only going to make you more money (much more than it costs) but you’ll get time and peace of mind back too.

We're here, in your area, to help you BE FOUND and be there for your customers:

We get it. It’s crazy, confusing, and overwhelming.

There’s social media, Google Maps, Google search results, paid ads, YouTube, business directories, LinkedIn, NextDoor, Alignable, Thumbtack…we could go on and on. 

We’re here to help you know where to put your focus, so you don’t have to stress over how to spend your limited marketing budget.

Save your time and energy by quickly being able to text customers back or respond to leads, without having to check messages in multiple platforms.

Leverage the power of personalized responses that are automated, so leads don’t slip by unanswered.

Web Design Questions and Information

Getting your phone to ring is what it’s all about.  You can absolutely do things to get more traction online. But how do you find out what will take your business to the next level? With research and experienced strategy! 

What you need to do to level-up your business is known. It’s what is already working for your top competitors. We don’t just design websites, we can help you learn how to rank, get customers, and make money using your website.

We prepare for your free consultation by  researching your specific niche and competition. The research will tell us what you need to do, what to expect, and how long it’ll take to get you to the next level online. 

Book a free consult today to find out what it’ll take for you to out rank your competition. We look forward to hearing from you!

At RunLocal, we’ll ask you specific questions to learn what your goals are for your Longmont web design. The answers will determine the cost to redesign, design, or develop your website. 

The price depends on how much custom design and search optimization you want. But sometimes you’re not sure and that’s ok. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and help you decide what website design you really want. That’s the secret to getting what you really wanted when the website is finished!

The price for our Longmont web design typically ranges from $1200 for less custom design to a fully custom design starting at $2600.

You need your website to say something, so how much copywriting you need will also affect the price.

If you want no custom design or copywriting, we’d be happy to chat. We can likely make you a site for as little as $600-700.

We shoot for 4-8 weeks. That said, the length of time to launch a new website varies because it depends on how long you need–to research website designs you like, review our proposed designs, read the copy we write, write your own copy, etc.

What we promise is to promptly get back to you and be responsive and truly listen to your suggestions and requests.

When choosing a professional Longmont web design agency, consider factors such as the websites in their portfolio, experience, client testimonials, expertise in your industry, range of services offered, and their ability to understand and align with your business goals.
Do you want your site to rank well and be found by prospective customers or clients? If so, the website designer should take this into consideration right from the start or you can find yourself in the situation where your newly launched beautiful new website is buried in search results. If that’s not what you want, then your website designer should know how to make beautiful websites rank, which is a separate task and skill set. Be ready to make sure your web design agency will take SEO and search ranking into consideration from the start.

Doing a bit of research will help your website design project go smoothly. Here’s what you can do on your own before you contact a professional design agency:

  1. List your top 3 competitors
  2. Identify 3 websites you like the design of. Note what you like: colors, layout, branding, structure, etc.
  3. Think about your priorities: is it cost, visuals, ranking, a quick turnaround?
  4. Think about how important your Google Maps listing and ranking is to you. Your website designer should take this into consideration also.

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