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Our passionate team works hard for motivated business owners like you. 

But YOUR growth strategy won’t be like anyone else’s. 

Here are some of the ways we connect you with your customers.

Website Design

Website Design has a tight connection to your business strategy. If your website is holding you back from connecting to your ideal customers, rethinking it will be top priority.

We take speed, SEO, and professional presentation as a given. On top of that, we’ll write razor sharp copy that conveys your business vibe and emotionally speaks to your customers. Valerie is our website guru, based in Longmont for web design and development.


Your business strategy is the foundation of everything else. It determines whether you burn through your budget or spend it wisely on things that will bear fruit for years to come. 

Valerie will collaborate closely with you and the RunLocal team to ensure your business is on a solid foundation for growth. 

We will analyze your specific niche and competitors and let you know exactly how to climb the ranks.

SEO and Content Marketing

If the word “Persona” means nothing to you, that’s ok! 

We’ll dial in your target client/customer and make a clear plan for what approaches, images, and words will move them emotionally. And an emotionally motivated prospect is gold:)

Search engines speak their own language and it takes a special approach to make sure you’re reaching both the search engines AND your customers.

Google Maps

If you’re a local business, your Google Maps is your lead stream. 

If you’re not getting leads from your Google Maps, now is the time to turn that around. There are specific techniques to let Google know that you’re the best business for them to recommend in your area.

If you have a listing but it’s not generating new business, talk to us! 

SEO-Focused Website Design

Every small business needs a website that Google loves. Building an optimized website that ranks in search engines is a process that requires both technical and creative skills. That’s why we offer SEO-focused website development services to help you get found online.

At RunLocal, we provide a broad range of web design services to help you develop the professional image your business deserves. We’ll work with you to create a website that clearly communicates your brand and goals to visitors. We’ve helped many Front Range businesses successfully find their place online, and we can help you too. 

Here’s how:

Local Keyword Optimization

Google uses a separate strategy to rank websites in local searches- but we’ve got you covered. We know how to make sure search engines know that your business is a pillar of your local industry without stuffing your website with spammy keywords that scare away customers.

Usability & UX Design

No one likes to use a website that doesn’t load, cuts off text or images, and is constantly moving around when you try to click something. Google knows this- so it’s made mobile optimization an important ranking factor on every device. We have the web design savvy to help your site run seamlessly on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers of all screen sizes.

SEO- Search Engine Focused Content that Ranks in Your Niche

Have you ever wondered if anyone is even reading what’s on your website? We can make sure that they do. Cracking the first page of Google results starts with content that’s carefully configured to have the best chance at ranking on your target searches. We use industry-leading keyword optimization tools to transform your pages and articles into magnets for online traffic, placing your business at the busiest street corner on the internet.

High Conversion Landing Pages

Web traffic doesn’t equal paying customers- but it can. Landing pages are design to maximize your website’s conversion rate. At RunLocal, we combine the latest customer psychology research with industry accepted best practices to give you the highest possible return from your website visitors.

Ongoing Website Development

A website, like most aspects of building a small business, is not “set it and forget it”. A healthy online home for your business requires a thoughtful mix of evergreen content and content geared toward the latest news and trends. It takes continued maintenance and pruning to keep your website running smoothly through update after update after update. We’ll help you surf the Internet’s tidal waves so they never swamp your business.

Digital Marketing for Your Local Area

Your biggest competitors aren’t hiding in a dusty corner of the Internet- they’re the businesses right around you! A company in Chicago isn’t stealing your customers in Boulder (and if they are, we’ll help you steal them back)!

Building a solid local presence for small business requires knowing each small area they operate in- and we know the Front Range inside and out. That’s why you should RunLocal. We’ll help you get ahead of your local competitors through:

Google Business Management

Never miss out on a customer near you! We are experts at curating your Google listing on Maps and Search to attract local customers. Google Posts, GMB Photos, and other specialized features are some of our best tools to improve your local visibility. We’ll help you use your Google listing for lead generation and conversion.


Customer reviews are the biggest factor in modern online purchasing decisions. We’ve engineered a variety of review-increasing resources, starting with our best-in-class review request automation software, to help raise your review metrics.

Data has shown that sending a review prompt to every customer can lead to an increase in overall star rating between 0.5 stars and 1.0 stars- a business-defining change. Additionally, the same research institute has demonstrated that reviews left via business requests had an average rating of 4.34, an average of 0.45 stars higher than reviews left unprompted! We provide 5 star service at a fraction of the monthly cost of corporate review management services.

Local Marketing Strategy

Having the right approach to marketing is crucial to making a small business budget have a big business effect. We perform in-depth research into local markets to build the most accurate foundation for your personalized marketing strategy. With advanced analytics and insights, we can work with you to reach your target audience and bring in the customers who will buy.

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Here are a few of our recent website clients:


Andrium IoT Consulting

- Website Strategy, Design, and Development
- Basic Marketing Strategy


- Website Strategy, Design, and Development
- Business Strategy
- SEO Keyword Research and Content Marketing Strategy

Sasso & Guerrero Family Law Attorneys

- Website Strategy, Design, and Development
- SEO: Business Citations Audit and Cleanup

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“I can’t recommend Valerie’s work enough, she’s quick, reliable, friendly and wonderful to work with. With my tight schedule it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything going on, but with Valerie I always know that she’s got things under control!”

Collis Ta’eed