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Working with Us is Easy

Enjoy our smooth process.
We help you identify your goals and communicate with you every step of the way.
No shortcuts – you can trust us to treat you right and do things the right way.


We'll identify the style and functionality you want for your website. We'll review what small, medium, and large projects would involve and several competitors designs so you can decide the functionality and design that's right for you.


Based on what you've identified in the Consultation, our graphic and web designers will prepare a homepage design and 1 interior page design to make sure we have captured the look and feel you're hoping for.


We'll build out the rest of your pages. We'll finish the layouts for small and medium-sized screens. Then we'll add SEO optimized code and tags. Last, we'll go over the final site with a detailed Quality Control review.

Web Design

SEO is the RunLocal Difference

>> Did you know? Search-optimization is often not included in a website design and build. <<

SEO – the science of making a website rank in search – is advanced knowledge and training that many web designers don’t have in their skill set. 

Website designers usually know a few basic components or some best practices for Search Engine Optimization, enough that they’ll list “SEO” as a service — but the truth is that while a web designer might know a few words, but they often aren’t close to being “fluent” in the language search engines “speak.” 

Their job is to make the site look great and to represent your brand. But search engines don’t think about those things like humans do. At all. 

As a SEO marketing company, helping new businesses rank is our bread and butter. So when we design a website, you get the benefit of all our knowledge and techniques for making that site rank.


Call today for a free estimate and to discuss your website design project

We can design your sales page, blog, small business , or e-commerce site

Do You Want Your Web Design Done Right?

RunLocal is a marketing agency Longmont, Colorado, we specialize in creating websites that look great and convert.

Say goodbye to the complexities – we’re here to simplify your journey to online success.

At RunLocal Marketing, we understand that your digital presence matters more than ever. Our 15 years of experience means we know how to bring you seamless web solutions that work.

Our websites aren’t just visually appealing; they’re designed to rank high and draw in customers.

Are You Committed to Your Future Success?

Your business’s website is the only place on the internet that is truly all yours. You are in total control of your own website.

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more are valuable social media platforms. But your website should be the hub around which everything else revolves.

Any business owner should make their website their top priority. Once your website is up to par, you can start developing the other online personas and get the leads and traction you’re hoping for.

Do You Need Website Performance You Can Count On

Is your website sluggish? Does it struggle to rank in search results?

We’ve got you covered. Our web design expertise is combined with years of experience with web design that helps sites rank. Be easily findable in search engines like Google and in Maps listings with the proper search engine optimization and web design.

We optimize speed, enhance security, and infuse SEO magic, all to deliver an exceptional user experience.

When you hire us, you’re part of the RunLocal family. We’re focused on your business success.

Need a Website That Drives Sales?

Webpage Designs

The RunLocal SEO Boost is
Included in Every Website We Build

Business Topical Authority

The top search results, your online competitors, will have extra formatting in the website code that you can't see but that search engines expect.

If you want your new site to compete, it will need standard SEO metadata installed.

Location Signals

Ranking in Google Maps and searches for a city or region doesn't just happen. 

But it can! You just have to give the search engines the right information about your business and location. And in the right format. 

Search Engine Indexing

The search engines don't automatically know about your site. 

Did you know that Google assigns quality scores to each of your pages the FIRST time your site is crawled.

It can take weeks or even months to be included at all if not done right. AND you can get a low quality score that stays with you for up to 2 years. 

Go with RunLocal to avoid these pitfalls!

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Let's chat about your business idea, discuss your competitors, and how your website can be the foundation of your business success

Strategy and Planning for Your Long-term Business Success

Web design strategy and planning are at the heart of all we do. 

What are factors you may want to consider in your website design strategy?

  • Copy writing. It helps deliver the correct message. This can be key to achieving the business goals. Good copy writing converts. You will want to consider the copy on each page carefully.
  • Images and graphics are also important. Use the right images or graphics in order to deliver a precise message within your web design.
  • E-commerce and online shopping, bill payment or other commerce activities may be added. E-commerce web design is surprisingly affordable and can be setup quickly.
  • Blogging and blog automation can be useful for your users and can contribute to your online marketing efforts.

Website Design Process

We work directly with you to create the perfect website. First, we consult with you to understand the goals of your website design. From the beginning, our team performs a deep analysis to build a project scoping document. Once we know the your goals, our team of copy writers, website designers and developers will create a unique, effective website. 

We start with a website design mock-up of what your new website will look like. We adhere strongly to your brand and ensure your website is an extension of your company. 

Call us today for a free website requirements analysis. 

We have a web solution that fits just about any business budget. We’ll include hosting, email and other services you may need so that you can be confident in your success going forward.


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Web Design

Web Design Portfolio
Actual Client Websites Designed for Local Businesses

Our portfolio of websites showcases the professional web designs and functionality we build for our clients. 

Get a beautiful web design with your own style and branding.


Website Development

Web Design Questions and Information

Getting your phone to ring is what it’s all about.  You can absolutely do things to get more traction online. But how do you find out what will take your business to the next level? With research and experienced strategy! 

What you need to do to level-up your business is known. It’s what is already working for your top competitors. We don’t just design websites, we can help you learn how to rank, get customers, and make money using your website and targeted web design.

We prepare for your free consultation by  researching your specific niche and competition. The research will tell us what you need to do, what to expect, and how long it’ll take to get you to the next level online. 

Book a free consult today to find out what it’ll take for you to out rank your competition. We look forward to hearing from you!

At RunLocal, we’ll ask you specific questions to learn what your goals are for your Longmont web design. The answers will determine the cost to redesign, design, or develop your website. 

The price depends on how much custom design and search optimization you want. But sometimes you’re not sure and that’s ok. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and help you decide what website design you really want. That’s the secret to getting what you really wanted when the website is finished!

The price for our Longmont web design typically ranges from $1200 for less custom design to a fully custom design starting at $2600.

You need your website to say something, so how much copywriting you need will also affect the price.

If you want no custom web design or copywriting, we’d be happy to chat. We can likely make you a site for as little as $600-700.

We shoot for 4-8 weeks. That said, the length of time from mockups to launch a new website varies because it depends on how long you need–to research website designs you like, review our proposed designs, read the copy we write, write your own copy, etc.

What we promise is to promptly get back to you and be responsive and truly listen to your suggestions and requests.

When choosing a professional Longmont web design agency, consider factors such as the websites in their portfolio, experience, client testimonials, expertise in your industry, range of services offered, and their ability to understand and align with your business goals.
Do you want your site to rank well and be found by prospective customers or clients? If so, the website designer should take SEO into consideration right from the start of the web design or you can find yourself in the situation where your newly launched beautiful new website is buried in search results. If that’s not what you want, then your website designer should know how to make beautiful websites rank, which is a separate task and skill set. Be ready to make sure your web design agency will take SEO and search ranking into consideration from the start.

Doing a bit of research will help your website design project go smoothly. Here’s what you can do on your own before you contact a professional design agency:

  1. List your top 3 competitors
  2. Identify 3 websites you like the design of. Note what you like: colors, layout, branding, structure, etc.
  3. Think about your priorities: is it cost, visuals, ranking, a quick turnaround?
  4. Think about how important your Google Maps listing and ranking is to you. Your website designer should take this into consideration also.

WordPress Website Development

 We do the technical website development that makes your site fast.

 Do you have issues getting your web design to load or appear high in search engines? What about in Google Maps?

 There’s a lot that goes into running your site and secure. Fast hosting and great website development is key. 

When you get a web design from RunLocal, it’s secure, and built with marketing in mind so it works FOR you, getting you customers and ranking high in search engines.

  • Custom WordPress plugins
  • Speed Optimization for FAST websites
  • Security from hacking
  • Personalized design and branding
  • SEO Search engine optimized website structure and coding
  • Clean web design

Web Design Matters for Your Business Success

Having a well-designed website is crucial for any business looking to establish an online presence and attract customers. However, not all website designers are created equal. It's important to find the right website designer that can create a site that effectively communicates your brand message, is easy for visitors to navigate, and converts visitors into customers.

Website Designer Criteria

When evaluating website designers, be sure to review their portfolio to get a sense of their design aesthetic and skills. Look for designers who have experience creating sites in your industry and have a solid grasp of current web design best practices. Examine sites they've designed for other clients to see if they are responsive, fast-loading, and mobile-friendly - all critical elements for modern websites.

Communicating Your Business Goals and Brand Identity

Discuss your business goals and brand identity with potential website designers. A good designer will incorporate branding elements and create site architecture tailored to your target audience. Make sure they ask questions to fully understand your business and objectives. Strong communication is key to bringing your vision to digital life.

Optimizing for Search Engines

A quality website designer will also be knowledgeable about SEO and integrating elements like metadata, internal linking, and quality content to help your site get found by Google and other search engines. Optimizing for search can draw in more of your ideal customers.

Website Development that Balances Cost and Experience

While price is a factor, balance it against the designer's experience and portfolio. A more experienced designer may be worth the extra investment to get a site that powerfully represents your brand online.

The Value of an Exceptional Website

Taking the time to find the best website designer for your needs will pay off exponentially with a site with a user experience visitors enjoy, engages your audience, and effectively promotes your business 24/7. Web design can work for you and be a key part of your success.

Focus your search on web designers who are experts at translating your brand and goals into an exceptional web presence.

User Interface Design Principles for Effective Websites

The Importance of Hierarchy and Accessibility

When designing a website’s user interface, following principles like hierarchy, accessibility, and aesthetics is key for creating positive user experiences. Strong hierarchy using headings like H2 and H3 helps users easily scan and comprehend content. Ensuring accessibility through alt text, color contrast, and keyboard navigation assists users with disabilities. Aesthetic layouts with balanced whitespace aid scanability.

Layouts and Interactions for Usability

Crafting usable layouts and interactions is central to user experience design.

Using CSS frameworks like Flexbox to create responsive layouts across devices provides accessibility. Designing interactions, like hovers and clicks, with motion graphics promotes usability through feedback. Conducting user research and problem solving iteratively also enhances interactions.

Homepage Design for First Impressions

A homepage is a website’s first impression, so its UI design requires thought. A clear hierarchy focusing users’ attention on key content builds relevance.

Visuals high in aesthetic value surrounded by whitespace strengthen appeal. Concise, benefit-driven copy communicates quickly. Prominent calls-to-action placed according to an F-pattern layout convert visitors. Distinctive brand identity elements like color schemes, fonts, and icons boost recognition.

Optimizing Web Design for User Goals

UI design should ultimately enable users’ goals. Removing friction through clear navigation, FAQs, and search helps users find information rapidly.

Communicating value via benefits-focused copy provides motivation. Guiding users down conversion funnels with smart layouts and prominent CTAs leads to sales. Testing with prototypes and gathering feedback optimizes designs to user needs. The priority is crafting experiences that fulfill users’ purposes in visiting the website.

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SEO and metadata improve content findability.

RunLocal Marketing 5 Star Customer Review

runlocal marketing did a great job on my website design and search rankings with google and gbp

Prominent calls-to-action convert visitors to buyers.

Tutorials and webinars share web design knowledge.

Scannable layout with whitespace eases access to information. Mockups visualize website structure before development begins. Icons and color boost brand recognition across web pages. Conducting user research uncovers pain points to guide design.